Date: -0001-11-30

As I embarked on my post-high school adventure in Europe, little did I know that a chance encounter with a delectable treat would set the course for my future endeavors. Landing in Amsterdam, Holland, I soon found myself meandering through the charming streets of Belgium, where the air was filled with the tantalizing aroma of vanilla. It was amidst this sensory delight that I first laid eyes on the iconic Belgian waffle, a ubiquitous sight in the hands of locals and tourists alike. Intrigued, I followed my nose to a quaint waffle window, where I eagerly indulged in my first taste of this heavenly creation. Curiosity piqued, I inquired about the secret behind these irresistible waffles. The friendly employee enlightened me, revealing that they were none other than Liege waffles, hailing from the picturesque city of Liege in southern Belgium. Crafted with a dough infused with yeast and studded with delectable morsels of pear sugar, these waffles boasted a flavor profile like no other. As if the waffles weren't tempting enough on their own, the offer of Nutella and whipped cream sealed the deal. With my first bite, I knew I had stumbled upon something truly special – a culinary delight that transcended borders and captivated taste buds with its irresistible charm. From that moment on, I was hooked. The idea of bringing the magic of Liege waffles back to the United States took root in my mind, fueled by a passion ignited by that first love at first bite. And thus, the seeds of b.street waffles were sown, destined to blossom into a waffle empire inspired by the flavors and memories of my European sojourn. Little did I know that a serendipitous encounter with a waffle in the streets of Belgium would shape the course of my journey, leading me down a path filled with sweetness, creativity, and the joy of sharing a beloved culinary tradition with others. Stay tuned as I continue to share the story behind b.street waffles, from its humble beginnings to the bustling waffle haven it is today. Join me on this delicious adventure as we celebrate the magic of waffles, one bite at a time.