Belgian street waffles with toppings baked in!

Julie’s Dining Club reviews b. street waffles

Julie’s Dining Club reviews b. street waffles

on Oct 8, 2013

Thank you, Julie for your great review of b. street waffles!

“I discovered b. street waffles several months ago, when they were doing a popup at Capitol One 360 Cafe.  Apparently they do free waffles the first Wednesday of every month. There was crazily no line, and um, I love waffles, so I eagerly wandered in.

The idea behind the waffles is that they are street style.  The ingredients are baked in, so you just grab one and go, no syrups, no utensils needed.  They come in many flavors, from fruity (lemon blueberry, key lime, apple cinnamon), to sweet (vanilla, salted caramel, chocolate), to even savory (maple bacon).  They also offer a seasonal flavor of the month.  They are made with high quality, local ingredients: Straus for the dairy, Giusto’s for the wheat, TCHO for chocolate, etc.  And you can tell….”

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